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Leading Ladies
Cyd Charisse is one of the all-time best dancers at MGM. She started her career in the mid 40's and danced her way to fame. Born in 1922, in Amarillo Texas, Cyd was always dancing, and after her father passed away rejoined a ballet company where she was discovered by Metro Golwyn Mayer

The imcomparable Debbie Reynolds made her acting debut in the late 40's when she was discovered at a beauty comtest at 17.. Her first and only time working with Gene was her breakthrough performance in Singin' in the Rain. From then on, she has been in such films as Tammy and the Bachelor, My Six Loves, The Singing Nun, and much more.


Judy Garland is the most beautiful and gifted singer/actress to date. She first premiered at MGM when she was 11, singin with her sisters in "The Gumm Sisters". She then changed her name from Mary Francis Gumm to Judy Garland, where she has been in the biggest movie, The Wizard of Oz, For me and My Gal and more. She appeared with Gene 3 times on Screen. Judy died in 1969 of a barbiturate overdose.