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How tall was Gene?
MGM reports said 5'9, but in actuality he was 5'7

Did Gene work on his dance studio after he became famous?
Gene's Sister and brother helped work on the studio up until it closed. Gene made occasional appearances, but they were limited.

How did Gene get his scar?
Gene was a daredevil. When he was 6, he was riding a tricycle without using hands and fell into an exposed piece of cast iron, the gash was so deep that it gushed blood and the family doctor stitched him up at his neighbors house. The scar always remained, even when Gene refused to have makeup put over it.

Where are his children?
Kerry is a child phycologyst in London, and the other two are supposively in the film industry.

Was Gene buried?
No Gene was cremated and ashes given to family. This was because when stars die, crazed fans try to take a momentous of the grave site with them.

How did Gene pass away?
Gene passed on due to complications from several strokes.

Where can I find Gene Kelly Lyrics?
There are many sights, I just added one myself

Was Gene Mean?
Of course I do not know first hand, but Gene was a perfectionist, things had to be done right,
and in order for that to happen, he had to be stern. I guess that can come off as mean sometimes.
But that is the quality that extremely talented people posses; the ability to come off across as an egotistical jerk, but on the other hand, come across as a brilliant, sophisticated person, one in which you look up to.

Is there an Autobiography?
There is not autobiography out now. However, Gene did peruse this, but tragedy struck on December 22, 1983 when Gene Kelly's House on Rodeo, burned to the ground due to a malfunction in Christmas lighting.  He lost everything, from pictures, to very old mementos, to his academy award; everything was gone except for the pajamas he was wearing.

 Was Gene in a Plane Crash?
Gene was in fact in a near plane crash, but it never crashed thank goodness. Gene was on a Boeing 707 flight from Paris to America, It was a new jet, and Gene was talked into boarding that one by his friend Harry Kurnitz. While over the dark Atlantic ocean, the plane started spinning and plunging. Gene was forced to the back of his seat with his ears in agonizing pain. He knew that he was going to die, and he thought about his wife and his children. This was an extremely serious situation. The airplane finally got back into a strait flight, people were summoned to wear lifejackets, and stewardesses built rafts. They made an emergency landing. It was a moment Gene would never forget, and make him appreciate life much more. On the flight to New York, Gene's flight almost hit tragedy again when it near collided with a smaller aircraft. As he got off the plane, his wife ran up to him and give him the biggest hug. Luckily, the plane did not crash, it was a miracle as far as Gene was concerned.

How Many Movies was Gene in All Together?
Gene appeared in over 60 movies, in a 58 year time frame. Ones that were uncredited, to the ones where he made an appearance, or where they used footage.