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For Me and My Gal (1942)

Harry Palmer (Gene Kelly)- Why didn't you tell me I was in love with you?
Jo Hayden: You'll never be big time bacause you're small time in your heart

An American in Paris (1951)

Jerry Mulligan (Gene Kelly): Back home everyone said I didn't have any talent. They might be saying the same thing over here but it sounds better in french.
Jerry Mulligan: That's..quite a dress you almost have on.
Milo Roberts: Thanks.
Jerry Mulligan: What holds it up?
Milo Roberts: Modesty

Singin in the Rain (1952)

Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly): Try to get this straight. There is nothing between us. There has never been anything between us. Just air.
Lina: Oh Donny! You couldn't kiss my like that and not mean it just a teensy weensy bit!
Don: Meet the greatest actor in the world! I'd rather kiss a
Lina: You don't mean that.
Don: You don't-- Hey Joe, get me a tarantula.
R.F. Simpson: Don, it'll be a sensation! "Lamont and Lockwood: They talk!
Lina: (With a nasal annoying voice) Well of COURSE we talk. Don't everybody?
Don Lockwood: Kathy Seldon as Juliet! As Lady Macbeth! As King Lear! You'll have to wear a beard for that one of course.
Don Lockwood: Farewell, Ethel Barrymore, I must tear myself from your side!
Don: I'm no actor. I never was. Just a bunch of sumb show
I know that now.
Cosmo Brown: Well, at least you're taking it laying down.
Don: No. No kidding, Cosmo. Di you ever see anything as
ridiculous as me on that screen tonight?
Cosmo: Yeah, how about Lina?
Don: All right. I ran a close second. Maybe it was a photo finish. I'm through, fellas.
Kathy: Don, you're not through!
Cosmo: Why of course not. Why, with your looks and figure, you could drive and ice cream wagon or shine shoes.
Kathy: Block hats!
Cosmo: Sell pencils!
Kathy: Dig ditches!
Cosmo: or worse still, gp back to vaudeville.
Don Lockwood: Cosmo, call me a cab.
Cosmo: OK, you're a cab.
Don Lockwood: Dignity. Always, dignity.
Don: What's the matter with that girl? Can't she take a gentle hint?
Cosmo Brown: Well have
n't ya hears? She's irresistible. She told me so herself.

Brigadoon (1954)

Tommy Albright (Gene Kelly): It's hot in here.
Jeff Douglas: It's not the heat, it's the humidity.
Tommy: Why do you loose something to find out waht it really means?

Les Girls (1957)

E.K. Hornsbeck (Gene Kelly): He's the only man i know who can strut sitting down.
E.K.: Disillusionment is what little heroes are made of.
E.K. (To Drummond) Hello, Devil, welcome to Hell.